Gadgets :: HTC Touch - Must Have Programs


I own a HTC Touch and have been using it for quite a while now. Have done alot of R&D on it and resetted it many times ;-). But yea neva lost my data coz always used to sync it with data on my lappy.
  • First of all you made a wrong investment purchasing a HTC Touch if you dont have a GPRS/mobile office etc etc enabled on your Phone connection, please change your phone, buy a typical Nokia :-)
  • I am an Airtel fan, same number , same service since last 7 years approx.

My feedback for HTC Touch :

  • I simply love it, adore it, one of my best investments :-).
  • Sleek , trendy, light though abit low on memory (mine is an older model 64MB / 128MB).
  • Nice wide screen.
  • Very competitive in price.
  • TouchFlo works very well on cubes.
  • Mine has Windows mobile 6, alot of resources available on internet for it.
  • Easy to configure mails, access websites etc etc.
  • Chat clients available for free ( gtalk,yahoo,msn,aol,facebook etc etc)
  • Easy to use as wireless modem (using bluetooth).
  • Nothing bad about it :-P
  • Hard to find accessories for this phone.
  • The screen protector available alongwith the phone in box is of bad quality, better buy new one (chinese :-) ).
  • Very sophisticated, handle with care, more than your GF / BF :-). I paid a price of 4k for getting the screen changed when i broke it..
  • Battery Backup :-( , specially when using Wi-Fi.
  • Excuse me , its not a music phone, dont expect sony ericsson / nokia types sound quality. Also no radio available.

So here are some programs i suggest you for a must have on your HTC :

  • Advance Config (configurations for your mobile at a glance)
  • Palringo (Chat Client)
  • ClearTemp (To clear all temps, on all locations)
  • WinXplore (Shortcut to view folders within windows directory)
  • Total Commander (Nice file browser, also helps in editing registry for tweaks,reverse engineering ;-) )
I hope you find this article useful, I would come up with another article on HTC soon.

Have Fun and Keep Rocking !!