My First Blog !!

Hmmmm its time !

I have been thinking about this for a long time now but now i think its the time to start.
Well my reason of this would be a selfish one though ;-) just to record my learnings , my experience and to use it as reference if required ( I have a short memory problem he he he ).

Also i think... i said "i think" it may also be helpful for others who is seeking any info i have mentioned here.. now if you are reading the lines carefully, you muzz be thinking why I stressed on "I think" well its because i believe in one rule " Be humble, there are greater people around you.. LET'S LEARN " ..

Okie now cutting it short... Hope you have a nice time going through this blog and it may be helpful for you.

Dont forget to comment if you like anything inhere..

Cheerz and Njoi your stay here !

Ash Sethi

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