Ganglia across VLANs

As per my earlier article we did a default configuration of Ganglia on the network.
By default it works on Multicast, now if we have servers spread in different network segments / locations, this will not work.

To make this work we will have to use unicast for Ganglia configurations, for that follow the steps below:

On the Ganglia machines:

$ vi /etc/gmond.conf

1. Comment all entries of mcast and add an entry of host = in the udp_send_channel

/* Feel free to specify as many udp_send_channels as you like. Gmond
used to only support having a single channel */
udp_send_channel {
#mcast_join =
host = (server host)
port = 8649

/* You can specify as many udp_recv_channels as you like as well. */
udp_recv_channel {
#mcast_join =
port = 8649
#bind =

2. Restart the gmond service

/etc/init.d/gmond restart

(server host) = The host where Ganglia is hosted and which is collecting the data.

Now when you see the page on http://(server host)/ganglia

You will see the hosts coming up on the page.



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