Creative Zen X-Fi 8GB

A long time plan to own my mp3 player, my options were as below:

- To use my cellphone for music : Naah , i own a HTC Touch, already use it alot for browsing, mails and chattin. The battery also would not support me in that cause. Rather I also believe that a cellphone shouldnt be used for music purposes to prevent the wear n tear of your device.

- The first name strikes every mind , Apple iPod... in my case, Give me a break !
Personal preference though, no offenses, it’s just that i don’t want to be limited to itunes etc to transfer and manage music on my player.

My requirements were :
1. Portable.. small.. sleek with max features possible.
2. Can be used as a pendrive, music transfer easy.
3. High Sound quality.

On doing some research, i found creative zen x-fi, it comes with a wlan model too… but asks for more money..
Creative has been a leader in the digital entertainment industry for PC and interner for quite a while now.. most of us also own the creative 2.1 speakers for PC too.. me too.. which has a top sound quality.. we all know.. and is quality for money.

X-fi means extreme fidelity which is an audio standard owned by creative , which truly makes a difference, you will experience the difference once you just use this device..
Using creative zen is extremely easy, and the quality.. the first word which will drop out of your mouth after listening to music on it will be .. WooooW… And its not only music, you can save your photographs in it and view it while travelling, slideshows etc, videos – it supports mp4, avi etc.

The earphones which comes with this powerhouse is also a creative earplug, which along would cost you about 20$ I guess , approx.

To see the details of this powerhouse click the below link
Now about the cost, dude creative products are seriously expensive in india, if you have some contacts in US, call them now !

I sent this requirement to a dear friend of mine (creative zen x-fi 8GB), who went to US for an assignment, and she also agreed that this was one of her best buy’s. I got this for 99$ , I also purchased the armband along with this player which I use while working out.

In India you will get this for about Rs.14,700 , so you can see the difference.

Hope this helps in deciding your next purchase .. ;)

Cheerz.. @$H