When I saw "The King of Remixes - Bally Sagoo"

Date :: 21/22-Nov-2009
Time :: 10:30PM - 4:00AM
Location :: Elevates, CenterStage Mall, Noida

Hey ya..

This was the day when i finally saw my all time favorite "Bally Sagoo" Playing live on the turntable in front of me.. it is one memorable moment I can never forget.

This Delhi born UK based DJ is known all over the globe for his work in revamping hindi music with Hip Hop.. he was one of the first's who revolutionized Hip Hop Punjabi and hindi song on all club scenes around the globe.

Some of my favorites are :
1 : Chura Liye Hein Tumnay
2 : Teri Akhiyan
3 : Gur Nalo Ishq
4 : Aapki Nazron Nay
5 : Noorie
6 : Tum Bin Jiya Udas
7 : Aaja Nachlay
8 : Mera Laung Gawacha

Unfortunately one of the decks of the turntable was not working properly which was being a bad show, I hope the management fixes it soon :-), Also another thing, all the contact numbers mentioned on the "Elevates" site etc are just for show, dont ever expect any human will be answering your call. Thats what happened to me, i tried all numbers available but couldnt get through. THATS BAD PR ELEVATES !!

BALLY SAGOO ROCKED the club, he came in too late, before that there were some kids trying to give thier best on the turntables ;-) , good work by them too. But you know when it is like comparing the Bally, no one is near him... atleast for the hindi/Punju club scene.

Before i signoff, here is da pic of our gang who visited the club.. (Bally Playing at tha back)

Bally Sagoo RoX !!


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