Enhance the music quality reaching your ears ???

Hey ..

Well it has been a while I was doing some research looking for something which could help me enhance the music which actually left my Laptop and reached my ears .. Normally laptops do not have a high quality soundcard and they are the on board ones which are used which actually dont do much to the music...

Now why do we require this, Unfortunately we are prone to cheap quality music, and I am serious, everyone is ! Checkout below :

-> How many of us actually purchase Original Audio CD's ?
-> Do you Rip music from Audio CD's to WAV format ? Good if you do that else most of us do it in MP3.
-> Well we all download / transfer mp3s , do you share wav files ?

The major difference between mp3 and wav is mp3 is a lossy compression technique though wav has a lossless compression technique and the file size is smaller in case of mp3 comparing to wav. Though we should understand, we are compromising the quality of music for the size of the file.

I have stressed above on wav , there are more formats though, far better than mp3 ;-).

So I finally found Creative X-Fi external USB soundcard which actually helps to improve the quality of the mp3s by amplifying it. Also this helps us for a 5.1 channel home theater system if your internal soundcard doest support it.

Some product features are :

Product Features

* 24-bit multichannel performance/96kHz stereo
* 100dB SNR for ultraquiet, high-definition digital audio
* Xtreme Fidelity audio playback with X-Fi Crystalizer technology restores the detail of compressed music and movies for enhanced highs and lows
* Accurate X-Fi CMSS-3D positional audio centers voices and places ambient sound all around you, providing a lifelike audio experience even when using normal stereo headphones
* EAX advanced HD sound effects deliver realistic audio
* Creative ALchemy with Windows Vista (not included) restores surround sound for an amazing gaming experience
* Supports DTS and Dolby Digital-EX decoding, so you can watch your DVDs in cinematic surround sound; use the optical output to send Dolby Digital pass-through audio directly to your home theater receiver
* Includes software package with 7 titles, including Creative MediaSource, Creative Diagnostic, SoundFont Bank Manager and more
* USB connectivity for easy connection to your computer
* Inputs: microphone, stereo line
* Outputs: headphone, left speaker RCA, right speaker RCA, rear-left, rear-right, center, subwoofer, optical

I have been using this product for quite a while now and am pretty much satisfied. Again as discussed in my earlier blog article for creative zen x-fi , Creative products are almost half the price in US, so lookout for friends visitng US and take them out for a treat ;-)

Keep Rocking Earth !