Breaking the ton with Smirnoff & Quantum !

Dates :: 25th Sep / 15th Oct / 19th Nov - 2010
Time :: 10:30PM - 6:00AM
Location :: Quantum, CenterStage Mall, Noida (

Now this is for all my friends who are into clubbing.. Lately I visited Quantum in 3 of their biggest nights in the last months, I would be covering all these 3 nights here...

Ever since I had been there for the Bally Sagoo night,I was sure that Quantum is one place which means serious clubbing and where you would actually have the pleasure of enjoying music. If you are a music lover, and want safe clubbing, I recommend you Quantum.

Smirnoff, being sponsors, on the other hand has been doing an awesome job in getting the best of the industry. I am thankful to Smirnoff , and tell them "I WAS THERE", to keep me on their guest lists :-) for a couple of events ( I was lucky enough to win the contests ). And it was not only me, they have been giving opportunity to music lovers. Smirnoff has been trying new ideas to keep the music trend alive and now they have this "Smirnoff nightlife exchange" which is another another creative idea of theirs. Click Here to know more about it.

One of the nights I attended was of the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange, when I got a chance to see DJ Nikhil Chinnapa & DJ Pearl. They played some cool numbers, though the crowd there was expecting more of desi numbers as Desi DJ's were in ;-). So not much of a dance but still the gig was nice with live violin with some trance music.

Here that's me in those awesome party goggs by Smirnoff ;-).. Don't laugh :-P..

Here on the deck is Nikhil..

Here on the deck is DJ Pearl..

And the Live violin gig with trance of B.R.E.E.D..

Gig 2 : Gareth Emery

Gareth Emery when visited Quantum was world # 9 ranking DJ, but now he is world # 7. Some of his awesome numbers includes "On a good day" "I will be the same" & "Citadel" , again it was a nice gig with some awesome trance numbers which included the above alongwith loads of more of trance..

The pics below have been taken from the VIP lounge, You can see Gareth busy in his work..

Gig 3 : Armin Van Buuren

The King of DJ's , undisputed world # 1 for 4th Year in a row Armin Van Buuren (AVB) is the name which is known by every Trance music lover.It was a buzz in town when it was learn't that AVB is visiting India and would be performing Live @ Quantum. Thanks to Quantum for this memorable event, and Smirnoff who were the sponsors of the event, also sponsor for my visit as I won their contest and they had my name on their guest list..(I know i was lucky... :-) ).

This was one memorable night, I entered the scene at about 10:30PM and left at about 5:30am, but there wasn't even an instant when the dance floor was free.. Quantum was jampacked with people dancing non-stop. Good it was a friday, and next day it was an off for office :-). AVB played for about 2.5 - 3hours and no need to say he was too good.

About the ARMIN ONLY tour...

AVB in action..

I shared my experience clubbing with the best's in the industry above & hope you all like it..