Trance till you die... !

Dates :: 14th May - 2011
Time :: 10:30PM - 4:30AM
Location :: Quantum, CenterStage Mall, Noida (

Smirnoff & Quantum has done it again... taking up clubbing to a different level and which has been a treat for all music lovers (Trance).

The event was with Markus Shulz .. who is the World # 8 DJ !

It was one memorable night, it kicked off @ about 10PM when people started pouring in.. it was good to see all like minded .. music lovers... who were actually there for serious music..

I entered at 10:30 and the enviroment was lively and picking up with the music of DJ Viju (Resident DJ Quantum). Then came in DJ Ribz who also played up some nice numbers.. best of all was Gareth Emery's - On a good day - When the crowd went bezerk !

Now it was time... Markus Shulz came in @ about 1'ish then he kicked off his set and played non-stop upto 4:15am ! The crowd wasnt ready to leave the dancefloor... or can say Markus didnt let anyone to... Apart from some his best numbers .. Rain , Not the same , Do you dream , he also played Sun & Moon (A&B), This light between us (AVB & Christian Burns) and Citadel (Gareth Emery) ! It was AWESOME and was a treat to see Markus LIVE !

The experience was good, Markus could connect to the crowd well and was enjoying every bit of it.. He showed his professionalism by refusing shots(liquor) while performing, he bluntly said "No", that shows the respect to his profession.

This is how it looked like.. from the bar counter :-)

Towards the end, when no one actually wanted to rest and say good bye, it looked like Markus too forgot that it was already 4, he just kept playing and playing.. when DJ RIBz had to come in twice and ask Markus, its time.. (I just could make out that, I was right @ da front and was being an observer that time ;) )

Icing on the cake was, I managed to shake hands with Markus, not once, but twice (once when he was coming in, and the other , when he was through with his set), I had no words but could only say, good job done & Thanks ! :-) !!

I can write lots about that night, it was awesome... but I think I should cut it short now.. before i do this, I thank "SMIRNOFF" for getting me on the guest list again :-).. Thanks a bunch ! Also thanks to TEAM QUANTUM for giving us one after another memorable performances.. After Smirnoff nightlife, then Gareth Emery, then AVB and now Markus... way to go Quantum and Smirnoff.. lets see what you got next for us.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this.. excuse me for the pix :-) ! I know I am little outdated on that front, but I love my HTC :o) & Personal cameras are not allowed!!

Peace !


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