Review :

There are many websites these days with nice offers for clothings perfumes bla bla bla...

Well just to share on of my experiences with "".

I was one of the regular customers of this site, but then later when i started facing problems with delievery etc, there was no one to listen to me.

I tried the customer care number they have on the website "n" number of times, seems like it has been used for some other purposes otherthan taking care of orders and stuff. Either its always busy, or no human would be available to attend the call..

Problem started 2 months back, the first time I contacted them was on mail, i.e on May 8th, no reply to that, then a reminder on May 12th, no reply to that too. Then a strong mail on May 19th after several tries on landline number, then finally i got a call and mail from them asking me to send the defective product back to them and they would provide me equivalent amount fv voucher, they also commited to refund the shipping charges I was paying.

Now the day came I sent back the defective t-shirt, I again tried calling them, no response. Then mailed them on Jun 13th , No reply , then Jun 14th, 17th, and last was on 24th Jun when i finally was tired of calling them up and writing mails,I thought the other people should know what kind of service these people are providing and do not want anyone else to be a victim of them.

Guys, if you are planning to buy anything from "" BE CAREFUL if you love your money, forget it.

If anyone from fashnvia team is actually reading this, guys "shove up the t-shirt I sent in your @$$".

NOTE :: I have all proofs with me if required to support what I wrote above.. :)



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