Review : Samsung Galaxy SII

Now this coloumn is going to be one of the most controversial one's which may lead to a debate between my apple lover friends and others including me :-)..

Well I rate them both equal, it actually depends if you want to work hard for freedom of usage of your smartphone (and pay for every good thing,iOS).. or just work smart to get things work as you want on your smartphones (Mostly free on Android).

I was looking out for a phone for myself, I had all options because was ready to shell out the moolah only if my requirements were met, which were as below :

1. Large Display - I mean it, I dont want to use a laptop when am on bed or travelling !
2. Clarity - Apart from large, it should be CLEAR display, Visible in outdoors too.
3. Memory - Ofcourse, something near 16Gig would be good enough.
4. GPS - I always need help while driving.
5. Camera - I like clubbing at celeb nights and am fond of clicking and making videos, so need HD & Flash !
6. Apps - Useful apps (Naah dont make me pay for it, I already would be paying alot for the phone)
7. Size - Does matter! It should be sleek and pocket friendly.
8. Web Browsing - FAST !

With General Features like - mp3 ringtones, FM radio, click and sending pix/files through bluetooth, Wi-fi

On checking several handsets available in market which suited my requirements,I zeroed down to Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy SII. I have always been a HTC Fan, but I guess its time for HTC to work more on the Phone Display, Internal Memory, Screen Size. About Blackberry, give me a break, I am young enough to mess around with the phone and you are not interesting Blackberry OS :-P.

Keeping in mind my requirements :

Tech Specs Comparisons : Read this for a point to point comparison with iPhone 4.

So that makes Samsung Galaxy SII a strong contender.

Below is one of the videos which helped me compared and decide onto Samsung

Point wise Analysis : Of all requirements above and more.

Overall Face Off Test : Comparing all my requirements above.

My Requirement 1 & 2 (Display and clarity)

My Requirement 4 (GPS)

My Requirement 5 (Camera)

The above videos must have cleared most of your doubts, also I found some more links about reviews and awards for SII below :

Review on Samsung Galaxy SII

Recently,T3 Gadgets Awards presented the Phone of the year 2011 to Samsung Galaxy SII

Apart from the above, With Samsung SII , I can use/share media through it it as an extended drive and access it over wi-fi, hence no itunes or and blah blah software required to be there which makes it easy for managing media on the device. I can also access the phone over http, and manage everything on the phone through web interface. Also the Super AMOLED display is awesome in SII, just view HD videos on the devices, its a jaw dropping experience. I am not saying you cannot do that all with iPhone (some you can do), but you need to work alot on the phone to get all these functionalities, including breaking jail / loosing warranty of your device.

Also, answer this, how can I change my battery on the iphone ? This is one thing which is totally unacceptable, for me atleast, If I am buying something, i would like to have least dependency on the service centers, you know how they are.

Anyway, rest is your call, and your choice, the above shows how and why I made mine, bought a Samsung Galaxy SII and am happy ! :-)

Hope you enjoyed reading this space. You can also call it as an article on Samsung Galaxy SII vs iPhone vs HTC vs Blackberry :-)... and my take on it..



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