Android Apps to have !

This post is for my fellow androidians… !!

I have been using Android (Gingerbread) since quite sometime now, and what better it could be, have been using it on the worlds most talked about Samsung Galaxy SII. So in short can say that the android I use is backed by a powerful 1.2Ghz dual core cpu and a 4.3' Super AMOLED screen to make it look pretty :-).

The awesome thing about Android is the apps which has a huge… trust me HUGE database of applications, for any and everything. Also you get most of it for free :-), though you have some paid applications too which you can use on your android. I will mention some apps which I use on my Android. Maybe you find any of your interest…

Must Haves :

> Advanced Task Killer :
Schedule an auto kill of processes to save battery. Don't worry will not hamper running programs, you can select which one not to kill.

> OS Monitor :
Tells you which process are the ones taking max CPU / Memory etc.

> Smart Screen Off :
A good app, uses the proximity sensor to turn off the screen as soon as you keep the cell in your pocket, upside down on table,or cover the sensor with your finger (incase someone tries to peep in your screen). You do not have to use the power button every time to turn off the light when you are not using the phone.

> Opera Mobile :
A good, light weight , multi tab, easy to use browser.

> Flashlight :
Use your flash as a flashlight. Good at times you want to use your phone as a torch.

> Box :
Hide your contacts , sms's, call logs, photos etc using this app.

> App2SD :
Used to move all the apps installed on phone to the SD Card.

> Quickpic :
A cool photo and video browser for your phone. It indexes all the pics and show it in one place, with a cool interface.

> App Cache Cleaner :
To clear the cache build by apps running on your system, and free resources.

Good to Have :

> PhoneGenie :
Read reviews of newly launched mobiles, and compare.

> MX Video Player :
Do more with the videos, zoom etc.

> Wiki Mobile :
wiki client on mobile.

> BodyFitness :
For fitness freaks, diet plans, exercises etc etc.

> AlarmDroid :
Easy to use Alarm app.

> Saavn :
For music lovers… Online music (Bollywood).

> Social Networking :
Linkedin , Facebook.

> Bookmyshow :
Book movie and concert tickets through mobile.

> Teamviewer :
Log in to your home computer from your phone. (I use it to make my mom's life easy @ home)

> Recipes :
Like to cook ? A huge database of new things you can try.

> XE Currency :
Convert any currency on your phone.

> Sketch free :
For the people who do sketching, use this app to sketch on your phone.

> TOI :
For reading news on your phone.

> Communications :
Skype, WhatsApp, Viber.

> Compass : You will not.... get lost ;-) !

Incase you know any more apps and you think is interesting to share, let me know. Lets share it with all the readers.

........ HAIL Android !!!


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