"sysprep" tool on every Startup

Sysprep tool is "System Preperation Tool" used for deployment of windows PC's. This helps in rolling out installations of windows OS over multiple hosts with minimal intervention of the administrator.

But in some cases where you purchase branded PC's like Dell, HP and you re-install it using recovery disks, when you start using your PC after the complete installation / recovery , you will see the sysprep tool popping up everytime on your screen on every reboot.. which becomes very annoying. You might think to get rid of it using the "msconfig" and removing from startup OR by checking the Start -> Programs -> Startup folder , but that might not help.

A solution which worked for me is as below:

1. Go to Start -> Run -> Regedit
2. First things first, take a backup of your registry.
3. Now go to HKLM -> SYSTEM -> Setup.

4. Double click the "CmdLine" key and make it blank.
5. Similarly edit "AuditInProgress" "FactoryPreInstallInProgress" "SetupType" and make the value "0"
6. Reboot your host.

You should not see the annoying sysprep window now..


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