Understanding Android / S2 Camera Settings

Below is what all I learn't & read exploring different options in my Samsung Galaxy S2 (ICS).

Sharing it with you guys as this might be helpful. Let me know if you have anything more to share as tips and tricks or also if you have anything else to add below.

Below are some options which are used in S2 phones / rather are common with most of the camera's so are basics :

  1. ISO Settings  : Higher ISO setting in darker Light, you get faster shutter speeds.
  2. Auto Contrast : Should be ON when you are capturing pictures in bright day.
  3. Outdoor Visibility : Should be ON when you are capturing pictures in bright day.
  4. Exposure Value : Refers to the total amount of light that hits the image sensor when taking a photo. This can be tweaked as per you desire and experiment
  5. Resolution : Keep resolution highest for high quality images, downside is the image size is more, but who cares, we already have alot of space on our phone ';-)
  6. Metering : Metering is helpful if your subject is lighted differently than the rest of the shot, such as if your subject matter is in bright light while the rest of the shot is in shadows.
  7. Tap To Focus : When shooting into a crowd or other busy backgrounds, zero in on your “target” to capture precise focus on your subject matter. Locking in focus with the green square indicator will also help you avoid blurry images.

Full HD Videos :

You might or rather would say I am sure many of the android users, specially on Galaxy S2, are facing issues creating full HD videos using the stock camera.

While making your video, you will see your video going blurred many times in between in dim light, the reason of this blurness is actually that the autofocus tries to focus back again and again in dim light.This lead to an intermittent blurness in the video, and frustration that you never get a clear HD video.

Samsung is aware of the issue, but still couldn't come out with a fix yet. I ain't aware if it did recently.

You can fix this by installing "lgCamera" app on your mobile, and use it over stock for recording videos. I tested it, it works fine.In fact the video quality, I found it better using this app.

Just try and post your experience.