IBM Platform LSF Batch Commands

Below is the list of commonly used LSF batch commands and a brief description :

  1. bparams : Displays the parameters settings [Output of lsb.params file]
  2. bugroup : Display the list of user groups
  3. bmgroup : Display the list of host / machine group
  4. bhosts : Display the summary of host state [ add -l for detailed]
  5. bqueues : Display the summary of queue states in the lsf cluster. use -l for detailed
  6. busers all : Display the per user breakdown of jobs currently in the lsf batch system
  7. bjobs -u < all / user >  -a :  Displays information of the jobs which are current, recently completed 
  8. bjobs -l < job id > : Display the information in detail of a particular job id
  9. bhist : Display the time history of the job
  10. bstop : Pauses the job 
  11. bresume : Resume the job
  12. bkill : Kills the job
  13. btop : Move job in top of the queue of the user
  14. bbot : Move the job in bottom of the queue of the user
  15. bswitch : Switch the jobs from one queue to another
  16. bmodify : Modifies the submission parameters of the jobs which are pending
  17. bacct : Display accounting information of the tasks executed using LSF batch