No Network on XP installed as Guest on VirtualBox

In case you have been searching on the web how to fix your network issues on a recently installed Win XP on a Virtual Box this trick might help you.

My System :

  • Host Machine : MacBook Air
  • Host OS  : OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)
  • VM Software : Virtual Box 4.3
Observations :

  • Under network connections in XP you will not find any local area network or wireless network icon
  • If you go to the device manager on your XP, you will observe there is nothing under network adapters  and you will an unknown network device, which if you uninstall and scan the system again, will end up as unknown again.
  • Generally when you install XP, by default it will pick either a Bridged or a NAT'ed network. Both are fine you don't have to mess with that.
Fix :

  1. Install the VirtualBox guest additions (I expect you know about it, if you are using VB)
  2. Configure the shared folders (In windows XP, accessed the network and browsed for the folder in the network)
  3. Download the driver for Windows XP , Final Release - File name: PRO2K3XP_32.exe - You can download from Here 
  4. Put the downloaded file in the shared folder you created in step 2
  5. Install the file / driver from the Windows XP VM.
  6. And there you are, you will start seeing something happening in the task bar below, the network icon will pop and go, try browsing and you are all set.


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