Common HTTP Status Codes (RFC 2616)

Some of the common HTTP Status codes taken from RFC 2616 which can help penetration testers / cybersecurity analysts / IT Admins are below :

Transaction/Error Status Description
Successful Transactions 200 OK
Successful Transactions 201 Created
Successful Transactions 202 Accepted
Redirected Transactions 301 Moved Permanently
Redirected Transactions 302 Moved Temporarily
Redirected Transactions 304 Not Modified
Client Side Errors 400 Bad Request
Client Side Errors 401 Unauthorised
Client Side Errors 403 Forbidden
Client Side Errors 404 Not Found
Server Side Errors 500 Internal Server Error
Server Side Errors 501 Not Implemented
Server Side Errors 502 Bad Gateway
Server Side Errors 503 Service Unavailable


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